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while building my 7-humble-guis, I forked the text-field component to add the ability to pass in fine grained event handlers. E.g. an handler that only gets called when the user is typing into the input I found that for some apps, e.g. the temperature convertor, that differentiating between the user event that initiated a state transitions really simplified the state management.


I might PR this into HumbleUI. I'd like a list of search results that autoupdates as a user types into a search-box. on-change seems like the right event, though perhaps there's some other trick that could get this done in the current library impl?


^ Implemented on-change into up-to-date local main. Appreciate the code, it worked first try. I can PR this, but looks like @U4YGF4NGM was already considering doing this based on this issue:


I would go ahead if I were you, I haven't had enough time to PR it yet


Will do & thanks. Might take a while; ran into some other issues that I wrote up in the main channel, but progress! *Edit: Ended up unblocked on issues, so threw up PR with the side-effecting on-change code: