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a number of things I did as part of the above endeavor: • created a general disabled and invalid component that propagates that context down to children • Forked the button and text-field components to add disabled and invalid states • created a new progress bar component • created new absolute-rect and relative-rect components for drawing things inside of other things • started working on a horizontal scroll bar, currently doesn't work when inside of a vertical scroll bar


Very useful things. Would love to see e.g. disabled merged into upstream. Button changes, progress, too, and most probably rects (will need to take a look first)


I'll craft PRs for each eventually


I'm not super confident in the absolute & relative rects. one of the things I like about humble is how it lets me hack on things in a dumb way until it works despite my naivety 😛


Hey y’all. I started playing around with HumbleUI and found some missing features I think are worth implementing: • ui/resizable : like ui/drawable but enabling the user to resize the element. Possible options could be which sides are resizable and min/max values • cursor-icons: when thinking about the resizable feature, I was wondering if it would be possible to change the cursor to the standard dragging arrows. • ui/zoomable: enables zooming (via gestures or CTRL/CMD+scroll) and should have a min/max zoom-in/out value. Naming sounds kind weird though. Personally I think, that those are some core features worth adding and I wasn’t able to locate them with a simple search in the code base or as open issue on GitHub. Therefore the question is: Do you think those are some worthwhile features to implement?


I had some other ideas (see above) and went ahead and implemented them myself.


I think the ones you wrote here would be great to have out of the box

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Yes. Cursor icons should go into JWM though. We’ve implemented the ones that are more or less cross-platform, the arrows weren’t there, I guess they’ll have to be implemented as custom cursors (I think that’s what browsers do, too)


And high praises for creating HumbleUI, @tonsky! It really works like a charm and is so easy to understand even without any documentation just learning from the example apps. Especially after working with many of the modern UI frameworks (Compose, SwiftUI, React/Native, CSS3) and trying the established ones (QT, Swing, …) it really gives me hope for many new desktop apps to come.

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