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Is there any way one could play video in HumbleUI (now, or in the future)? I assume such a thing would go through skija, or would I have to pipe in something like gstreamer?


I haven’t tried yet. There’s probably some way to marry Skia and whatever thing decodes video since Chrome and Android do it somehow. Certainly will have to look into it eventually


It's definitely possible. As far as I know, skia doesn't have builtin support for video. I hadn't seen gstreamer. It's neat and should work. I have an example of playing video using with skija. It shouldn't be too hard to port to work with HumbleUI. It currently doesn't do audio, but it shouldn't be too hard. There might also be an existing solution with gstreamer or avclj for handling audio.

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@U7RJTCH6J that’s a great example! I might use it to embed video in humble-deck!

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just fyi, even though all the code in clj-media is EPL, avclj is gplv2.


if you do get audio working, I would love to hear about it (pun intended)


Thanks for the heads up!


I don’t need audio for the talk, so it will probably come later

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I haven't needed audio yet, but I'll probably get around to implementing it at some point


Why everything related to video is always so complicated?


Good question @U050UBKAA, and fantastic example @U7RJTCH6J! After looking into the hell that is video file formats I was almost ready to get a licence for as it seems like the only sensible and high performance solution to what should not be this difficult of a problem. Not open source obviously, but who knows what might happen now that Epic acquired RAD.