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Luis Thiam-Nye22:06:30

Changes made from JWM 0.4.2 to 0.4.3 caused my window to stop responding to requestFrame on macOS. Redraws still happened when resizing the window. After much experimentation, the best theory I came up with is that if requestFrame is called (e.g. in on-paint or on-event handlers) before the window is set to be visible, then requestFrame no longer works thereafter. Is this intended behaviour?

Darrick Wiebe23:06:27

I'm on macos and I use requestframe internally without problems, but I did notice the other day that the window was sitting in a half unpainted state, so maybe external window frame requests are not getting through.


@U016JRE24NL can confirm, putting request frame before set visible doesn’t work. Will look into it


Hopefully fixed, should pop up on maven central as jwm 0.4.4 soon

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Luis Thiam-Nye18:06:37

Thank you! That has indeed resolved the issue

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