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Léo Crapart23:06:03

Hello, I've just made an app with HumbleUI and i'd like to package it into a .exe file


I haven't tried yet but I'd start by looking at jpackage

Léo Crapart22:06:37

ok I'll see what I can do with jpackage

Léo Crapart22:06:57

Also I have an error message when running the package script. Running "py script/" on the cloned source repo returns an error with recursion issue. (I'm on windows 10 also)


I would appreciate if you can figure out why


@U03HPBZUNS2 You can check out my repo for an example of Github Actions to build working packages for windows / macos. I've got a linux one as well, but I've not had a chance to personally test it.

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Léo Crapart23:06:14

Do you know how I can do this ?


Because Skia already depends on C version, and the dependency is not small, like 13 mb