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@bocaj probably not, although the samples should work


Hoplon samples that I've found all work. I was trying to get fighweel.main to work (forgot to state that).


...not a Hoplon issue after all. That said,


Is 1.10.x working with Hoplon 1.7.x afa y k?

Dustin Getz19:12:50

Does Hoplon support server side rendering? If not what obstacles are preventing so? How easy is it to integrate React components at the leafs, it seems very straightforward, is this a thing most people do?


@bocaj yes, with the 7.x versions you should be able to use CLJS1.10 without issues - there are lots of CLJS changes in recent versions if you have problems let me know!


Cool cool


@dustingetz no not something people usually do in hoplon, you could write a library to wrap react components - however hoplon users havnt needed that as far as I know.


Usually you build everything yourself and just integrate css libs into your application - then you use a much more concise spreadsheet like programming to wire up the elements


@dustingetz regarding the server side rendering: Hoplon is a client-side library, it’s designed to operate at runtime - with compile-time features like specs, etc.


You can however pre-render the content from a Hoplon page and send that to the client - there are many ways of doing this


There is a boot task for pre-rendering if you are using boot for your build tool - this task is a bit old and I would recommend rolling your own