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@joshua.d.horwitz I have been interested in Hoplon for a CMS. Even thought there are so many options, I think the ability to make the back end UI very basic and direct for end users would be very valuable. Something like Wordpress has so many extraneous options for simple content CRUD. @raywillig I would be interested in that code too!

Josh Horwitz17:07:30

Perhaps we could all pool together and work on something together


That would be great. Hoplon code is expressive and elegant. But the end user doesn't care. But to have great control over UI is the key to web power for me. Responsive content editing is fundamental.


@vigilancetech I am still using Specter with Javelin. My Specter functions work fine in in Javelin if I define them with def or defn, then just use those names call those names inside cells. If I try to define the Specter fns inside cells, then i get macro-expand errors. I go to it when the native Clojure funtion composition is not obvious to me. I like how the "path-orientation" is very declarative and linear, and side-steps complex looping logic. It is also nice for updating a value in a larger data structure, without needing Javelin lenses (which I should be using more of though, for elegant composition)


@joshua.d.horwitz @chromalchemy @raywillig I have been looking at doing something like or wrapping grape.js for hoplon


CMS is usually a template editor plus content

Josh Horwitz18:07:57

That looks interesting, I haven’t seen it before


I think it would fit in nicely with hoplon, since to use it you include the js and html components, a small hoplon lib could wrap all of that


And content is just a cell with whatever backend


We could integrate it with hoplon/brew and get drag and drop community components


Instead of copy pasting code around

Josh Horwitz18:07:15

That sounds great. I’m definitely not a Hoplon expert but would love to help out anyway I can


grapejs looks really interesting


it really does look interesting