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@thedavidmeister looks awesome. Like taking the box model and making it less of a straight-jacket. Hoplon-UI had some serious efforts to make a more logical yet powerful box model (by nesting 3 containers). Then started to implement some "break-outs" with CSS matrix tranformations. But the tether thing look like a more comprehensive relative-layout vision.


@thedavidmeister what is hoplon-elem-lib for? tracing state for debugging?


The author if re-frame was on the Defn podcast today. I've never used it, but am always curious to hear it's analogies to Hoplon (beyond the vanilla react layer).


In this clip he talks about wanting to re-implement re-frame without using the signal graph of reagent "reactions". Suggesting that a graph of lots of "little" nodes is some kind of antipattern? I assume this current signal graph is analogous to the javelin cell graph. Any thoughts on what he's getting at?


He goes on to talk about batching updates to the state db (global atom?), and thoughts about moving into composable state machines (behavior trees) for async client patterns.


hoplon-elem-lib is like devcards lite


for dropping examples of things into, like all your buttons, or loading animations, etc.


so you can see many examples at the same time, or things in hard to reach places


Cool! I haven't used devcards yet, but I love the idea. Kind of a form of generative testing for design... generate a set parameterized versions, then visually or interactively gut-check. Seems like it would save on the endless tweaking back and forth that I currently do to finess parameters into some kind of congruent set. I will definitely use use this. ps. Why not use dev-cards? what are the gotchas regarding trying to use it with hoplon?


@chromalchemy i didn't even try dev cards tbh lol


hoplon-elem-lib is 20 LOC


also i think it's a great example of the composability and expressibility of hoplon, if you go digging under the hood


ok, i lie, it got up to 30 LOC in the last release 😛


i'll probably split the syntax highlighting out into its own repo at some point


Lol. Nice! Like could you say that part of the appeal of Hoplon is a kind of composable minimalism that enables bespoke solutions like this?


plus Dev-cards is Lein-centric (I think thats why I haven't tried it...)


"composable minimalism for bespoke solutions" - you nailed it 😛


Ha ha. I read too much. Code too little 🙃


even just "composable minimalism" is a nice tagline imo 🙂


but otoh, it's important not to ignore all the cool non-hoplon stuff that's out there either...


luckily it's usually super easy to whip up a hoplon wrapper for a lib