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the upgrade process has been going well so far, thank you guys, i ended up upgrading to 7.0.3, there is an issue I'm having, I have a select element with an option like this: (option :value "" "All tags"), after the upgrade it is returning "All tags" instead of "", if the value is not the empty string, then it will return correctly, I can change my code to deal with another value, but was wondering if there is a way to fix this


rfhayashi that sounds like it might be a bug, i'll look into it later today and get back to you unless somebody else does first


does anyone have experience using jquery-ui sortable or, for that matter, any sortable library in hoplon? having a weird effect where i can drag/drop in one direction but not the other.


was ;;{{ ;;}} a directive hoplon had to transform clojure datastructures into strings? this is not working in 7.0.3


rfhayashi it was, now to do it you need an additional task: