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@freakinruben (h/div (h/span (j/cell= (:title a-cell))))


don't manually juggle deref


hi, i have a hoplon app that is using 6.0.0-alpha1 version, it has a couple of "views" that are activated/deactivated using toggle. that is not performing very well, the app get stuck while if i understand correctly all the dom is being built, if i comment the code from other views, the main view works ok, so it seems like a good use case for using cond-tpl, but 6.0.0-alpha1 does not have it. i tried to update to a newest version but it broke a couple of things in the app. to test if that would work i copied only cond-tpl to a library of mine, and it did improved the performance, but whenever i switch the views, all elements lose their event handlers. is that expected? anything i could try to do without having to update hoplon?


depends on how you’re using the cond-tpl


@dm3 the code is not open, but i could try to extract an example, what could cause that behavior?


improper use of cond-tpl I’d guess


hard to say