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I learned Hoplon with no js or cljs experience. Just HTML/CSS background and some frustrated years copy/pasting jQuery plugins and wrangling PHP CMS's from the user layer, knowing there was something missing, but not wanting to invest in PHP or Javascript (was already fed up with broken CSS semantics). I wanted to learn Flash, but then the whole platform tanked. I was sold on clj through Hacker News fame, but felt stranded by lack of frameworks. Then Hoplon came out and it was perfect for me where I was at (DOM semantics -> to infinity and beyond). It's simplicity (not necessarily easy-ness 😉) gave me the confidence to become a real programmer and start owning the expressive potential of the medium. Thanks all! metal


anyone got a good example/approach to getting web workers and javelin to work together?


i imagine it could work something like castra, but i'm not sure

thedavidmeister07:11:02 seems interesting, but no recent updates...


i played with web workers recently, but it wasn't a very good experience


the biggest bummer was that they need to be in their own js file


@alandipert So we celluloids are dumping the FRP association? No one understands me when I say spreadsheet. Maybe just “dataflow”? We still say “reactive”, right?