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good morning, romans. I have a small example here Problem: if you tag "INTERNAL TRANSFER" with something, then click "Load more", the new "INTERNAL TRANSFER" aren't tagged. Just checking if I'm mis-using the spreadsheet-ness of Javelin


@opyate could you make a simple version of what you're trying to do?


@thedavidmeister haha, that is the simple version. The original version uses IndexedDB and channels, with CSV upload functionality.


@opyate i haven't pulled it down, but you shouldn't deref cells passed to dom elements


don't do (em @date)


thanks, I'll make the changes and report back


you only deref when you want a single value at a specific point in time


e.g. when an event triggers


the point of cells is to manage many values over indefinite time for you 🙂


wowzers, deref really messes it up. I now have just 2 "INTERNAL TRANSFER" after "loading" - which is correct - instead of 7. (screenshots in Thanks for the pointer (no pun intended!) @thedavidmeister


I'm getting this really weird issue with castra where the castra request is failing silently on the server when the rpc function returns a result that's over a certain "size"... size at this point appearing to be just the size of the output of the transit encoding function result. Things work when the transit payload is under 5100 characters but fail above 5300 characters. anyone aware of what might be causing this? are there any bugs or limitations on size in castra or transit? The only thing I've been able to find is the transit writing function in castra.middleware below

(def clj->json
  (atom #(let [out (ByteArrayOutputStream. 4096)]
           (t/write (t/writer out :json) %2)
           (.toString out))))
but increasing the ByteArrayOutputStream size doesn't seem to help either


are there really zero logs/errors/printouts?


do you get any HTTP response back at all?


I have a slightly weird setup using pedestal + castra. Your answer reminded me that I blacklisted pedestal.* logging output due to its excessiveness. I now see a

clojure.lang.ExceptionInfo: in Interceptor :io.pedestal.http.impl.servlet-interceptor/ring-response - org.eclipse.jetty.http.BadMessageException: 500: Request header too large
which gives me something to figure out at least. Thanks!