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Hi guys, all the demos are running fine now, this is what I did 1. set two environmental variables to pin the Boot and Clojure version before starting the dev task BOOT_VERSION=2.7.2 BOOT_CLOJURE_VERSION=1.8.0 boot dev 2. if still no-go, pin adzerk/boot-reload to "0.5.2" in build.boot Actually I still don't how this work-around works, I don't know how to check dependency conflicts or how to solve it. Do you have any suggestion in this kind of broken dependency situation? Any idea will be appreciated.


easton.lee.cs my theory is that: the last time the demos were significantly updated there was a lot of churn in the cljs reload and repl libraries


the way they were coded, they "sensed" project dependencies and used them. if the project didn't have the necessary dependency, they used some default


the dependencies listed there are not dependencies of the consuming project, because they're loaded in an isolated way... in a boot "pod"


and so they don't show up as dependencies in async-webinar, for example. but they are being loaded and used in a pod


so my theory is that the problem is one or more libraries load snapshot deps in pods, and the snapshots have since evolved to not work


i think the easiest fix is to just upgrade the parent deps where possible


Thank you so much @alandipert, do you refer to boot-cljs-repl and boot-reload by saying "parent deps" in the async-webinar case?


I tried set these two dependencies to the highest non-snapshot version like this:

[adzerk/boot-cljs-repl     "0.3.3"];;"0.1.9"]
                  [adzerk/boot-reload        "0.5.2"];;"0.3.2"]
and keep the Boot and Clojure version unchanged, the boot dev task still ended up with the same error.


easton.lee.cs that's what i meant... weird they continued to error. that seems to invalidate my theory