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also, hoplon functions just returns DOM elements


i haven't tested this but you should just be able to do something like this


(-> "#foo" js/jQuery (.append (div "My hoplon div")))


ah wait, i see you want to go the other way


yeah unless you want to get into scraping html with something like


you pretty much have to stick the html from jekyll into hoplon as-is


@anisk just taking a step back here, what's the main advantage of jekyll?


if it's just markdown + file structure organisation, why not just implement something for markdown and namespaces in hoplon


should be possible to make something like (def ^:blog-post my-post {:date "2017-02-18" :markdown "# Markdown in here"}) and have it turned into a browsable blog


There also perun, a boot based static site thing. Could theoretically compose with boot Hoplon app


It does permalink and markdown etc, in a cool bootish way


Sorry, I didn't have notifications on here... @thedavidmeister I don't think I'd thought this one through very well... It seems like some blogging software (like wordpress, for example) take care of a lot of things ranging from keyword / date searching to SEO and the like. Granted, the SEO doesn't really mean much to me because I'm not actually trying to become a blogger, but still, it's nice that they do all of that for me. So I think I'm just going to go with that solution for now. @alandipert I've bookmarked it and once I have the time to refactor the site I think I'll end up going with that solution (for continuity and whatnot). Thanks again, guys. You guys are awesome. 🙂