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@jumblerg thanks! i will try still today. in the meantime we started to work out form use-cases on this branch: and we hit an old issue which is still present to my surprise: i've updated our reproduction case in to use hoplon/ui 0.1.0-SNAPSHOT but the issue is still there. since you were reworking bind-in! not to bother handling rest arguments, i think that might solve this issue, so it could go into master already, no?


the use-case where this is an issue is when we want to show a red border around a form input field if there are validation errors associated to it.


if you think we shouldn't upgrade bind-in! yet, then i would submit a fix for the current implementation


@jumblerg just compared hoplon/hoplon/master with jumblerg/hoplon/optimizations and with boot test -e, every option off in timeline, i get 1.28s vs 1.20s only on my addplus/ui/perf branch (im on the revert vflatten commit though. not sure if that's the right one)


@onetom: well, that's a little anyway. results may vary.


@laforge49: ran across your web workers slides and materials, very cool and helpful! thanks


@micha: given a task like this in my build pipeline:

(cljs :optimizations o :compiler-options {:elide-asserts true})
and the following task-options:
  cljs  #(assoc-in % [:compiler-options :language-in] :ecmascript5-strict))
can you see any reason why the :ecmascript5-strict keyword should not be applied to the :language-in property of the :compiler-options map?


guess this q probably belongs in #boot.


@jumblerg because you override it when you instantiate the task


ok, i guess i misunderstood the intended behaviour. thanks!


seems pretty obvious now that i think about the implementation, which i assume curries the cljs function with a call to partial or something like that.


I'm playing with hoplon/ui. It seems like there is a default 3px border on each elem, at least in Chrome. Is there an idiomatic way to set the default border width to 0?


Ah, never mind, :b 0. I was overlooking the obvious.


@grant: that definitely should not be the case. what version of ui are you using; are you on the latest master?