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@dm3 zoomed in it looks like it’s not the cells but javelin checking whether things are equal for propagating, does that seem right?


@jumblerg what's the story about set-in! vs set-in*? is set-in! left there just for backwards compatibility? the latest commit touching those lines only says "wip" in the commit message


lol, classic commit message


@fiddlerwoaroof im running the latest canary on mac and im still getting a full stack trace:

Uncaught Error: 123 is not ISeqable                                  string.cljs:75
    at Object.cljs$core$seq [as seq] (core.cljs:1125)
    at$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$2 (core.cljs:4491)
    at cljs.core.LazySeq.sval (core.cljs:3256)
    at cljs.core.LazySeq.cljs$core$ISeqable$_seq$arity$1 (core.cljs:3310)
    at cljs$core$seq (core.cljs:1112)
    at Function.clojure.string.join.cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$2 (string.cljs:75)
    at clojure$string$join (string.cljs:66)
    at hoplon$ui$vstr (ui.cljs:82)
    at Function.<anonymous> (ui.cljs:708)
    at Function.cljs.core.apply.cljs$core$IFn$_invoke$arity$2 (core.cljs:3718)
    at cljs$core$apply (core.cljs:3709)


i clicked on the link on the cljs$core$seq (core.cljs:1112) and at the top of the core.cljs file it does indeed say:

This script is blocked in debugger
yet it's appearing in stackstraces


@jumblerg what's going on with assert-noattrs? it doesn't seem to be used anymore, neither the attrs? validator. does it help composition/extension if non-recognized attributes are just ignored by default?


@jumblerg I've cleaned up our additions/variations on Hoplon UI: It adds default value support to forms. The submit functions' return values are also used to reset! form *data* for convenience. I put together a super minimalistic showcase for it too: You can try it with boot test as usual. (I kept the other demo pages too but they are inactive by default)


It would be good to hear your thoughts on it.


This branch also shows how to run Dirac on a custom port and also uses the latest Clojure and ClojureScript versions. You need Google Chrome Canary though to enjoy CLJS REPL within the browser console. (`brew cask install google-chrome-canary`) You have to install the Dirac extension: and start the browser with the remote control port open:

> cat ~/bin/canary
/Applications/Google\ Chrome\\ Chrome\ Canary \
  --remote-debugging-port=9222 \
Then open the Dirac-DevTools with the extension's icon.


It's a great way to start hacking on Hoplon UI 😉


the call order of setTimeout doesn’t guarantee the execution order in all browsers, although according to the spec it should