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@vigilancetech: you can prototype your UI using regular CSS and convert it after?


@vigilancetech: in ui, the spacing of elems is always controlled by the parent, using the gutter :g and the padding :p attributes. the gutter adds spaces between the child elems, while the padding adds space between the edges. in this case, it sounds like you want :g, :gh, or :gv.


@jumblerg I did try and do that, but I couldn't add enough to push the icons out to the edge. Its like it had padding, but I set the ":p" to zero. Also, when you use a number, what are you specifying exactly? Pixels? I tried it with the size attrib and it seemed to max out at around 1100 is what made me think that.


pixels are the default unit, yes.


Do you have an example of how the :inherit and :initial attribs work? They don't seem to do anything


they correspond 1:1 with certain css properties, but i never use them with ui.


do you have a project i can clone quickly to see the issue you’re having with the icons?


ok, gimme a min to set it up


oh, here's another question while its pushing. On the (image) constructor, how can I get it to use local images (like in the "assets" directory)? The ":src" tag doesn't work. I had to push all my images to dropbox and use ":url". Sorry, I haven't looked extensively at the source code yet to figure it out. Its a bit confusing to me as I'm fairly new to clojure


you can see in the assets folder, the CPU Monitoring1.svg is how its supposed to look


probably best to look at the testing branch


@vigilancetech for the image/assets thing, you need to specifcy the :resource-path in build.boot, ie :resource-paths #{"resources"}


(image :url "blah.gif") works for me if blah.gif is in the "resources" directory with this setup


@jjttjj ok, I think I tried that but I'll make sure I got it right and try again.


Are there any known issues with including core.async in a castra-based backend? I’m finding that -just- by adding [clojure.core.async] to my ns form I get errors on all my castra calls. And I’m getting weird non-deterministic errors too, like

clojure.lang.Compiler$CompilerException: java.lang.IllegalAccessError: prewalk is not public, compiling:(clojure/tools/analyzer/passes.clj:1:1)