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Has anyone here tried out the boot / hoplon ecosystem on the new Windows bash shell? I remember hearing that a lot of boot's problems on Windows stemmed from something about how the Windows filesystem locks files in a certain way or otherwise behaves in a way that presents difficulties for boot's way of dealing with files. I'm curious whether the Windows bash shell addresses this since it is based on Ubuntu, or would have the same limitations since the underlying filesystem is still, essentially, the same.


@puzzler I haven't tried the new windows bash shell but I use boot/hoplon daily on Windows with only very minor tweaks being necessary if ever. I think most of the problems were fixed in more recent boot versions, at least on Windows 10. Not sure if this helps


@puzzler the problem was that in windows < 10 it's not possible to delete a file that some other process has open


my guess would be that since the underlying filesystem seems to be working with windows 10 that bash/linux subsystem would be OK too


@jjttjj Last time I tried hoplon was on windows 10 back in January, and working step by step through the getting started with hoplon guide didn't work for me. I reported the exact error message after the main post in this issue here:, but nobody knew how to solve it. I hope to revisit hoplon at some point with the linux subsystem, but if someone already has worked through the hoplon tutorial to confirm whether it does or does not work, that would be useful to know ahead of time.


@puzzler I attempted it and failed


@alandipert ^ seemed to be network related boot would simply hang


it’s an ubuntu vm running headless


the windows linux subsystem that is


@flyboarder So is it working for you any better in plain windows 10?


i dont like having java on my windows


boot does work better but I use it mostly for minor file manipulation not web dev or reloading


I'm trying to use ui and I've copied most of its files over to my project src/hoplon then I made sure my build.boot has the same dependencies/versions. I haven't even invoked any of its functions in my .hl file but I'm getting this: WARNING: Use of undeclared Var hoplon.core/html-object at line 622 src/hoplon/ui.cljs --- how do I find out where that var is supposed to be defined? I'm just a beginner and I don't want for some part of this to be non-functional and not to be able to figure out if some malfunction is ui or if its me so warnings make me real uneasy


Well, looking at it now, I do get that message when I do boot test in ui, but its still unnerving. I guess I'm going to go full speed ahead and damn the torpedos for the time being


also, is there a way to adjust down the volume of the speak task without having to change my overall system volume?


Another question: can the watcher be made to watch build.boot too? Or do I have to kill the boot dev task and restart it every time I change the build.boot?


@vigilancetech at the repl you can e.g. C-c and then (load-file "build.boot") and then (boot (dev)) again


alandipert so would you say it would be a good idea to run 2 REPLs, one in clojure to do things like that, and another to stay in clojurescript in the browser? Or is that too complicated?


personally i don't use a repl in cljs.. preferring app reload


so yeah, i'm talkin about the clojure 'supervisor' repl