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been away from cljs for awhile and I'm blanking on how to use external libraries from hoplon. I'm trying to use amcharts. Currently I have script tags pulling in the js on the page, then i'm trying to call a constructor in with-init! but getting a No such namespace: AmCharts error.


am I required to have the js source files in a boot src directory?


Methinks they need to be on your resource path, as that will put them in your jar file.


if you have included the JS on the page, you need to use js/AmCharts @jjttjj


then if you want advanced compilation, you need to create externs


@jjttjj: you can use script tags to include the js but I think the current best practice is to have it packaged ala cljsjs/packages. I don't know if a package already exists for amcharts but there are many packaging examples there


Review requested. I'm simplifying the api for durable-cells, which builds on indexedDB. Here's the writeup: Thanks!


--the API in the hoplon duracell demo that I wrote is really bad!