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@alandipert: ok, good - its obviously given freely and I don’t claim any special rights, etc… I know there are some places where this is picked over (for example Apache projects) so I’m glad this is easier and simpler


btw - do let me know if this datomic stuff is interesting … as I get to know the Hoplon / Castra stack better it seems like a great fit with Datomic so I am keen to learn and add more stuff, for example multi-session history


@raymcdermott 👍Thanks for working on this this. I am newbie, but am keen to learn the subtleties of Hoplon & Datomic together (ftw!) (and maybe Datascript too?.., but still need to learn the powers of Javelin + Clojure data) What is the easiest way to persist a Datomic db-backed app between sessions? Do you need the pro version?


no - you can do it in memory on the server; it obviously requires storage for longer term durability


but you can show wiping a client session (recycling the session cookie for example) and showing a somewhat longer term view from the back-end


but then yes eventually out in the real world you would need to have the Pro version for longer term durability


i just re-read that and it sounds like babble but it made sense in my head … does it make sense?


i’m totally new to hoplon btw; in fact I made these demos to learn it in more detail


So in that case, as long as the server doesn't restart, there is a sort-of persistence for multiple user sessions...? I think I want storage though. There is probably a way to dump the the data into some other format, like Datascript, that you could put in a local-storage atom or a file, but that would defeat the purpose, no? Do you know of any issues with subbing in Datomic Pro Starter into your Hoplon examle? I'm new to all this clj stuff, but excited by the potentials. 🤓


From reading Micha's comments, it sounds like one can go very far using Clojure data structures as a database, and Javelin cells to interface with it on the client.


there is no problem to change the datomic edition for your project - you can definitely do that


I want to show stuff in memory because the demos are easier to bootstrap that way


but yes absolutely, any edition of Datomic can be substituted for actual work simple_smile


I will update the docs to that effect because that’s not so obvious


Sweet! can't wait to play with the code


@raymcdermott: thanks for your contribution! it's awesome to finally have a demo involving a real db


@raymcdermott: @chromalchemy : FYI DatomicPro Starter is free - and restricted to a single transactor. But you can hook it up to a SQL database or other supported storage for persistence.


Yes - a great option for hobby projects. I recently made a few blog posts about a builpack I made for deploying Datomic on Heroku (Postgres or DynamoDB)