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yes. totally. and thx for the (if-not prerendering? ...) hint. i think i would just protect these external libs to initialize while prerendering and see what happens simple_smile


oh... except i can't skip a dependency... ;(


@donmullen: how would u define "story around load time for use in hybrid mobile apps"? with pre-rendering the hoplon pages appear quite snappily... our issue with using it as app is that we need hammerjs or something to handle touch events properly otherwise the app feels unresponsive.


@onetom: It’s been a while - but when @micha and I were working on a app - we stored the pre-rendered pages - but when loading hoplon (of old) reloaded the page, I believe, so the app load time wasn’t great. Perhaps micha can weigh in at some point. Sounds like things might be better now than then (almost a year ago).