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Ben Sless12:02:47

the dehyphen docstring mentions There's probably a faster solution. I don't know if javascript supports lookahead matches, but this regex is ~2x faster (str/replace s #"(?!\w)-(?=\w)" " ")


@UK0810AQ2 can you open a ticket about that so I don't forget?

Ben Sless20:02:52

Gladly. Was hoping exactly for a reply directing me towards the best place to leave it I can PR it, too, if you'd like

Ben Sless20:02:32

BTW, I think I figured out out to separate the string bashing from parsing the expression


Sure, PR is fine. Make sure you run the ci tests so the docs and cljs are all tested -- and perhaps make sure there's at least one test that verifies multi-part-names still work.


But if you don't want to go to that effort, just an issue is fine too.


Thanks @UK0810AQ2 -- I'll check the cljs stuff as well.