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HoneySQL 2.0.813 is available. In addition, I've updated the CI pipeline to push a 2.0.999-SNAPSHOT to Clojars for every push on the develop branch so if you're not able to use git deps, you can still test out the very latest enhancements via lein.

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What do you think about creating specs for honeysql data structure format?


TL;DR: the DSL is so big and complex and SQL allows so many variations that it really isn't tractable.


Interesting, thanks for the link. I agree it's too much to expect spec to validate DSL so it produces only valid SQL statements, but more primitive specification might still be useful..


I'll think some more about it..


I've spent quite a bit of time on it over the past three years since I waded into that issue. I really wanted it at the beginning. But I came to realize it just isn't really tractable in any useful way. Just want to set the expectations that I will not accept a PR for it, after the time I've spent thinking about it.


Ah, okay. Good that you said it, since your last comment on that issue says you are open to PRs :)


Yeah, I mean if someone really wants to send a PR, even after hearing all of that background on the subject, I'll consider it. But I wanted you to have all the background before you invested any time in it.

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