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com.github.seancorfield/honeysql {:mvn/version "2.0.0-alpha3"} is available on Clojars for testing — lots of new stuff in this Alpha release: * Change coordinates to com.github.seancorfield/honeysql (although new versions will continue to be deployed to seancorfield/honeysql for a while -- see the [Clojars Verified Group Names policy]( * Support much richer range of syntax on CREATE/`DROP` statements in general, including columns, TABLESPACE, CASCADE, WITH [NO] DATA, etc. * Fix #306 by supporting CREATE TABLE .. AS ... * Fix #305 by supporting more complex join clauses. * Fix #303 by supporting MySQL’s ON DUPLICATE KEY UPDATE. * Fix #301 by adding support for CREATE/`DROP`/`REFRESH` on MATERIALIZED VIEW. * Add tests to confirm #299 does not affect v2. * Fix #297 by adding both SELECT .. INTO .. and SELECT .. BULK COLLECT INTO ... * Fix #295 by adding docstrings to all helper functions (and adding an assert to ensure it stays that way as more are added in future). * Confirm the whole of the [nilenso/honeysql-postgres]( is implemented out-of-the-box (#293, but see #310 for recent additions not yet incorporated). * Fix #292 by adding support for SELECT TOP and OFFSET/`FETCH`. * Fix #284 by adding support for LATERAL (as special syntax, with a helper). * Reconcile where behavior with recent 1.0 changes (porting #283 to v2). * Fix #280 by adding :escape as special syntax for regular expression patterns. * Fix #277 by adding :join-by/`join-by` so that you can have multiple JOIN’s in a specific order.

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