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Drew Verlee22:04:30

Is the expected size of the holy-lambda-builder docker image around 4gb? docker system df --verbose amd64-java11- 4ea2c17e4715 2 months ago 3.764GB 0B 3.764GB 0 Asking because I'll need to re-partition my / drive if so (docker is in /var/lib). I have been needing to move things around and buy more drive space for a while. So i guess it's overdue 馃檪

Drew Verlee22:04:18

the answer is yes.

Karol W贸jcik22:04:23

This is a builder image that contains all the dev tools. Therefore it's expected it's rather large. It contains the AWS, SAM, Babashka and GraalVM CE with polyglot support.