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Are you using css-in-jss with helix? Can you name a wrapper ? Any tips ?


I’ve used emotion before


Anything that generates class names


I am using material ui which has css in js embedded in it, takes a bit of getting used to to know how to not give cljs data structures instead of js objects, but that's more about me learning cljs I guess. But half my code is about styling, it's completely unacceptable. Only reason I keep using it is that it's modular enough and configurable enough that so far I haven't had any huge blockers.


If the css wouldn't be so bad in it, I might even like it, although the whole component system is overcomplated as OOP solutions usually are


I think I used emotion once and I liked it?


where did you get this information? : )


@ashnur On 5.0 they decided to ditch makeStyles and between styledcomponents and emotion they've selected emotion as stardard.


One thing to mention is that I wouldn't use Material if their Autocomplete wouldn't be so good, and I think that's even older code still that they haven't yet migrated to their new component system...

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There is a reason why I keep coming back to this component 🙂. List all the css/js theme or styling libraries out there. Now filter out those which don't have even a functioning Select component. What proportion of the total remains?


so I am optimistic


I'm terrible at css. I need to learn, I know that using a component system isn't going to get me there. I keep bouncing between mui and react-spectrum. Love Devon Govvet and his acessibility gospel, and its very beautiful design. The traction of material-ui is real.


If you want to learn css, there is a single website you have to use.


well, MDN too, but that's a given. or but that's also a given


they even regularly update old articles with new advice so you have everything for every browser


Thnx for the suggestion. I'm following kevin powell.

Aron14:05:55 I wrote this in the wrong channel first. Or perhaps we should move to #css