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Wasn’t me that wrote it but another community member 😌 I’m continuously pleased with the quality and amount of contributions from others to helix, docs and otherwise


Yesterday someone pointed me to that deduplicates request to the server. I assumed that it's not compatible with cljs, because I didn't found a mention on slack (and it inspects the data). Do we have a ibrary that we use with helix that have a similar role ?


@geraldodev I think it will work with cljs, I've been evaluating it for use with cljs (in #C012GLC2SAZ I talked about it). I know of no equivalent library. It should even work with cljs-http! As you can use your own fetcher.

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@geraldodev If you get it working, I'd find a gist describing how very useful!


It depends on the usecase, but dedup and cancelling of request could be managed with

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It doesn’t look like SWR cares about what data you return


The API they specify in their README: • keys are strings • Fetchers are functions that take a key and return a promise


I don’t think it inspects the data returned by the fetcher at all. I don’t see anything about e.g. data normalization


So all that said I would guess it would work great with CLJS

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