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Well, GSoC applications are now open.


hey, is this a thing Cognitect should submit again or were you planning to do so via the new org?


Well, as of Friday, I think we will actually have Clojars as part of the SFC. So, I think we may be good with handling the financial stuff through there. I’ll need to check with the rest of the committee to be sure.


I may end up using the Confluence pages to organise and submit the application, though. I am not sure we have anything set up for that quite yet.


I can probably pull up the answers we submitted to melange last year if needed (although they were largely driven from the previous years)


Thanks, that’d be great. I’ll post here once it has been decided where to get organised. Thanks for the help!


hrm, doesn’t seem to find an account for me


I did some more looking and I don’t have a copy of that stuff any place that I can find and don’t seem to have access to the site


Well, there’s still a bunch of stuff up on, so I think I can get most of the stuff from there.


yeah, I mostly cribbed from that, but I did rewrite some of it so it’s a bummer I can’t get to it