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Gratitude in general for @borkdude and his corpus of work. But want to shout out which makes it so easy to make some useful tooling over your codebase • find all exported vars in cljc namespaces and make sure the exported name works in js (ie, var name = munged var name so there’s no foo_QMARK_ names in js • find all i18n strings so you can build a po file and get translations It is a really great tool for whole codebase checks and accumulation.

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Thanks, always good to hear feedback like this ❤️


Gratitude to @dustingetz and the #C7Q9GSHFV team for bringing Electric Clojure to the world! It is mind boggling. Gives me goose bumps to see the videos and try things out in my editor. I haven't had a Clojure project on the side for a while, but now I think I will not be able to stop myself from trying to hack out some of my ideas. I feel it when I play with it, this is how I want to work!

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