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Bart Kleijngeld16:07:05

After months of experimenting, documenting and conversation I finally managed to convince my company that Clojure is the best choice for us. I'm really excited to now use it as my primary language! We're a fairly big semi-governmental utility company in the Netherlands, and in the future I really hope to push Clojure deeper into the company beyond just the Data department where I work 🙂. Anyways, special thanks to @quoll, @rickmoynihan, @didibus, @eric.d.scott and @chad.harrington for helping me formulate my arguments and help implement the POC code!

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where in the Netherlands? -curious-


Congrats @U03BYUDJLJF - perhaps see you one day at a Dutch clojure meetup or Clojure Days!


Woohoo, gefeliciteerd!!!

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Bart Kleijngeld19:07:13

@U0509NKGK I work for Alliander. I do need to stretch that this is really just a small team in a large company, and only one open source project, but it's a start and it's quite hard to deviate from the standardized language choices :)

Bart Kleijngeld19:07:07

@U04V15CAJ Sounds like a great idea!


Didn't Alliander use Clojure before? I vaguely remember something about that


@U03BYUDJLJF I see they have a location in Apeldoorn. I'm in Apeldoorn 🙂


well done for getting it in the door!

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Bart Kleijngeld05:07:54

@U052852ES Yes there have been teams in the past, but from what I heard they had issues finding developers. I have my own ideas on how to deal with that issue though, mostly with emphasis on teaching Clojure to people who are interested.

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@U03BYUDJLJF That's a very good strategy. I think big successful clojure companies do it that way: rather than finding existing clojure devs, but create clojure devs by training.

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Well thanks for the mention, it’s very kind of you 🙇, and I’m glad whatever I said helped; though standing on the shoulders of giants and all that 🙂 Good luck in using clojure; you’ve made your bed, now its time to lie in it 😆 I’m sure you’ll have lots of fun and it will work out though. Good luck 🤞

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Congrats @U03BYUDJLJF. As a member of that previous team it’s great to read that Alliander is continuing with Clojure clojure-spin And, yes, I’ve seen the ‘teaching Clojure’-strategy successfully applied to projects since then.