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grateful to @pez for his work on Calva and improving the beginner’s getting started experience.

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I'm looking at the source code for Apache OLTU (OAuth2) and that makes me very grateful for Clojure and Rich Hickey's focus on simplicity and data-first systems! 👀

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I'm planning to rewrite just the parts we need in Clojure so we don't have to depend on an old library with multiple CVEs...

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A new library with CVEs yet to be discovered! 😄

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So mean! 🙂 We use only a few small parts of the OLTU stuff and, as far as I can tell, the CVEs nearly all affect either the client portion (which we don't use at all) or the underlying server portion which we don't use either -- just some of the request/response validation code in the server. It's been a real eye-opener going over the mass of classes and inheritance and builders and looking at what this would translate to in Clojure: a bunch of hash maps and some contains? checks 🙂

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