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Calva users. ❤️ Especially those who find issues and then follow up with fixing them. Right now thinking of @edward.partenie and @armed, almost hesitating to name them, because I am then not mentioning so many others, but anyway. It's lovely as a maintainer to have users like this! gratitude

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Wow, thanks. I appreciate. BTW, Calva has perfect documentation. Not only user docs, but development docs too. I cloned and fixed issue in about hour and I didn’t touch and see codebase before. That multiple console startup (CMD+B), everything is testing, compiling, linting. Like in plane cockpit. Very high quality.🚀

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Same thoughts here 🙂


Thanks for that feedback, @armed! I was telling <!subteam^S03BGSAUPTQ|@calva-team> + @U037TPXKBGS the other day how much I appreciate the recent attention to developer ergonomics with the project. It helps me contribute also bigger changes with confidence.

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