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Thanks to the Admin team here on Clojurians slack for helping keep this a welcome and positive place for discussion

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i super love the #the-clouncil show that @nonrecursive @lorilynjmiller @mfikes @quoll @plexus are putting together for Clojure newbies every couple weeks. hoping that more folks will join in!

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Jeffrey Bay18:05:46

i'm assuming @borkdude gets a metric ton of #gratitude around here, but holy heck #babashka is awesome and @borkdude is incredibly helpful and responsive. I just rebuilt a tool at [newjob] that i had built in kotlin at [oldjob] to do a simple command line timezone thingy, and it runs faster in babashka than it did in the jvm. we're making more and more use of babashka for small, quick tools on our team, and it's a godsend where lein has been used (super slowly) for almost everything. it's lovely to be able to use the same language for scripting that we use for servers, and easy to transition between them, instead of having a mix of gnarly make and sh scripts.

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Thank you, I never get tired of hearing this :)

César Olea18:05:25

I just rewrote a polybar script to display weather information in my desktop, combining data from weather-cli and a thermometer sensor. From bash that I cobbled together and barely understood to Clojure using babashka. I feel that I can do anything now, it's amazing!

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He's also reacting with a speed of light. And I'm not kidding here. Few days ago I submitted a very small PR and he managed to merge it before Github page got reloaded. He has some superpowers or I don't know what 😄

Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:05:27

I am thankful that you all do so many cool things that I can put in the Deref each week

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)18:05:23

of course as aforementinoned, it seems like @borkdude is like 50% of those

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Aww thanks so much @robert-stuttaford! we are gaining traction, slowly but surely 🙂 ! It’s been soooo much fun as a project, I find myself looking forward to it like planning out my character and everything a week or two in advance

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