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Thanks to the temporary "slack full" demo we're having, I can thank @andy.fingerhut for the name of my plug-in, Chlorine! :)

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> Thanks to the temporary permanent "slack full" Fixed that 😄


One-year temporary, with possible renews after that "slack full" is even more precise.


Fair point 😆


Thanks to all the Clojure podcasts and all the wonderful human beings they host, for talking about Clojure, Life, and Everything.

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So many people with interesting things to share. I've been visiting back-issues of Defn podcast, Lost in Lambduhhs, Cognicast, The Repl, and Apropos Clojure --- and they all have such a character of their own. 💜

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Daniel Craig04:11:24

I love Functional Design in Clojure from @U0510902N and @U5FV4MJHG and I also love Clojurescript Podcast from @U8A5NMMGD

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Me too! Recently discovered @U0510902N and @U5FV4MJHG’s podcast, and I'm binging it from the first episode. Currently on episode 16. It's a fantastic supplement to other learning materials, to get some insight into problem solving with Clojure.

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