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I am grateful to @seancorfield who with patience and kindness guided me across a stumble block in my path to leverage #polylith for a project. I’ve been stuck for weeks and only now understood enough to formulate what at least resembled a question. And then Sean took of his time to help me get unstuck. ❤️ gratitude

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You got me all curious now! 🙂


@UGNFXV1FA about Polylith? I am glad if I did. It is amazing.


I intended to look deeper into that when I have time, but I meant more specifically your struggle and whether there might be a lesson for is in it…


I had misconfigured the deps for a component. A “tiny” error, I guess I could say, as far as config errors go. 😃 In polylith there is a lot of configuration and I was starting to doubt that I had understood anything at all about how it is supposed to work.

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