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Is there a way with lacinia-pedestal to handle multipart/form-data uploads? Iā€™d like to do a file upload together with a GraphQL mutation. Although not the best solution to the problem (scaling, load, ā€¦) it would be fine in my case. As an alternative I could go with a signed upload URL approach which might be a little more complicated. Has anyone done something similar with lacinia-pedestal and is willing to share her experience? Thanks in advace!


In the past I have seen a mutation to get an upload token, and then the file is uploaded to a rest endpoint using the token

Lennart Buit18:06:50

We have an internal lib that implements the graphql upload spec

Lennart Buit18:06:36

Works pretty nicely!


@UDF11HLKC Any chance you might open source that internal lib?

Lennart Buit15:06:39

Yeah, thats the plan ^^! It may take a bit tho, because its not the topmost priority


How about just a non-functional gist to start with? šŸ˜‰