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I nurture a deep and abiding hatred of Java logging frameworks generally, but have expended a lot of effort getting our current configuration working (using on top of slf4j/logback) and am not anxious to configure another thing. As long as pedestal uses slf4j under the covers I'm fine with it, though.


Is it a function of the GraphQL spec that Argument %s is must be a scalar type, an enum, or an input object.?

Lennart Buit18:10:52

how does your query look

Lennart Buit18:10:35

it sounds like you are trying to define a field that has an argument that is not a Scalar, Enum or an Input Object


I.e. passing a list is not allowed?

Lennart Buit18:10:23

List is allowed


Ah, my mistake was that I was trying to use a regular :object instead of :input-object, thanks.

Lennart Buit20:10:29

yeah, I figured something like that

Lennart Buit20:10:50

you can’t because regular objects can have circular references

Lennart Buit18:10:51

I was wondering: what are people here doing with user-generated errors caused by mutations. Ideally you match them to the input given in the mutation, but the ‘standard’ errors only have a path to the field.

Lennart Buit18:10:18

I took a bit of a look around, the GitHub schema just gives you a normal error with just a path to the mutation. It doesn’t point you any closer to what input field was not valid