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Ian Fernandez18:06:23

Hey guys, i'm having some problem with lacinia


Is it a string?

Ian Fernandez18:06:26

Unable to serialize 5085398338371584 as type `ID'

Ian Fernandez18:06:39

why I can't serialize this?


Probably because it's an Int, so either change the schema to be an Int instead of ID, or make sure the ID is a string. This used to work before the last update.

Ian Fernandez19:06:16

yeah, it used to work


It's closer to the GraphQL spec now, so that seems like a valid reason.


5085398338371584 is close to Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER // => 9007199254740991 in modern chrome Use strings for ID 's will avoid issues in frontend/browser @d.ian.b

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