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Hi, I know this is asked regularly but I'm afraid I can't remember the answer: what's the best Clojure/JVM GraphQL client these days? We're writing a new service that needs to fetch some data from our Lacinia backend.


Tried the re-graph client and I'm planning to check out Artemis.


I’m just using plain HTTP from the browser. Works fine if your queries are static or only need to use variables.


We’re using district0x/graphql-query of the venia family, though I’m nonplussed that none of the popular forks seem to escape string literals correctly.


@cbowdon I just use clj-http on the JVM


Thanks all. I’ll have a look at graphql-query first then.


hi guys, I can't find examples of how to implement pagination using lacinia, I have common use-cases for this.

Lennart Buit21:05:26

A coworker of mine hand wrote an implementation of the relay cursor connection: . To the best of my knowledge, Lacinia doesn’t provide it out of the box but you can implement it.


@lennart.buit I was looking for other projects that implemented that specification 😕

Lennart Buit22:05:22

I would be equally interested because we currently have in house solutions for the relay conventions