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I sort of have stillsuit up and connected, except that it’s ignoring my schema and only shows entity_by_eid and entity_by_unique_id in my query root.


I’m passing the lacinia schema and my resolvers into stillsuit/decorate, but it’s still just giving me those two queries.


anyone have some pointers on where to look?


I think I got past that by: 1) not compiling the schema before giving it to decorate, and 2) passing the resolvers to decorate rather than attaching them to the schema


but when I go to use it, the datomic connection isn’t showing up in :app-context in my resolver.


aha! I’m setting :routes explicitly (to include non-lacinia routes), which ignores :app-context and defers it to the options map provided to`graphql-routes`.


Sorry for the delay @curtosis, still working on getting the sample project up and running. It sort of fell behind the stillsuit development and I'm not crazy familiar with pedestal in the first place


no worries at all … it’s arguably been good to dig into the code more myself to understand what’s going on


The stillsuit stuff is super anemic, but it demonstrates how to integrate with lacinia-pedestal and run catchpocket for automatic schema generation

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