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It's a lot of time and work to keep upgrading our apps to use the latest RCs, but I do find some rough edges doing so.


Our apps are trickier than most, since we have to include a bunch of hacks related to old clients that expect behaviors that were present in Lacinia from long before it was publicly released. I hope and believe that apps that were built since the initial public release will have much less difficulty with upgrades ... feedback encouraged!


I've been trying out the latest rc, seems real stable


I have a question @hlship: I'm working on a library which takes in an uncompiled schema and then decorates it with some extra bits. It works great, but one thing I've run into is that the (attach-resolvers) function throws an error if some resolvers are referenced but not defined.


Which seems like a good default, but I'd like to be able to tell the function "resolvers will be attached later, so don't throw errors until I call (compile) on the schema"


Curious to get your thoughts. I can open a github issue too if that's preferable


To make it a little more concrete, my public API right now looks like this:

(defn setup-schema []
  (-> {}
      (util/attach-resolvers (inkvine/decorate-resolver-map resolver-map))


... but I'd like it if the (decorate-resolver-map) bit could be abstracted away inside of (decorate-schema), so the library just attaches a bunch of object definitions, queries and resolvers to the schema without needing the whole schema to necessarily be complete when it's finished


I'm just curious ... instead of decorating the schema with a keyword placeholder, then providing the map of keyword to function ... do you have the bits in place to just attach the function inside decorate-schema?


Hey folks! rc-2 's just went up on Clojars.


Hmm, I might be able to just bung the functions in there, yeah. Let me mess around with it a bit. I'll open a github issue with more detail otherwise