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@hlship: Reading the docs for Lacinia, says that it won't work with alpha-16, but the example is for alpha-17. It also looks like Lacinia is on future-spec alpha-17, which (if I'm reading correctly) states that it's safe to use from 1.9. Am I right that I should be able to use clojure 1.9 alpha 17 without issues now and that part of the docs are just a bit behind?


Sorry, the last paragraph on that page is no longer accurate. We upgraded to alpha-17 and did the necessary package renames. You should be able to use Clojure 1.9 by adding the necessary artifact exclusions, as indicated on the page.


@hlship: Nice of you to apologize for delivering better than I expected, that's great 🙂 Reading through the docs was nice and easy too!


I'm really obsessed with creating top-tier documentation for Lacinia for a variety of reasons. The Sphinx toolchain is really nice, giving you the interaction of a Wiki with the solidity of proper source code control. Of course, we're only just getting started ... I'd prefer to write the examples to be executable rather than mock-ups, if you follow. And real tutorials. However, if I was on the outside looking for a GraphQL library, I'd hope seeing the effort behind the existing docs would be an indication of our commitment to the project.


@hlship: If it weren't for Lacinia and the effort put in so far I wouldn't be considering graphql, so I think it's working