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@borkdude Thanks for the help earlier today — I’m attempting to make runnable native images from each of the 3 {:local/root} monorepo modules, even if it’s just a trivial main, just to isolate the problems. 1. The good news is that I got one module (the reitit webserver) successfully compiling, but without any of the other modules included. (So it’s literally a web server that does nothing.) 2. The other good news is that the MySQL module is down to one of two errors — I think it’s matching very closely your experiments that you posted here: I put the test case here:, with a makefile to build/run the uberjar, and run the native-image build. (Haven’t switched over the bb yet! 🙂 I get one of three build errors, based on which version of I get one of two errors, depending on the io.quarkus/quarkus-jdbc-mysql I use. I put logs of all the error messages in the README.MD file. Can you provide any guidance on getting clojure.jdbc and MySQL running? Thanks again!


Thx! I had found those earlier today! 😆 Ah, so I think it must be guardrails (Tony Kay’s fork of ghostwheel.). Holy cow, it works!!! Thank you!! (Incredible work getting all these different libraries and database drivers working.) Okay, 2 down, 2 to go! 🙂 (Midnight here, but things are finally clicking into place.)