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I to have the configs inside the META-INF folder, this way it's added to the jar, I think I'll make that for lsp4j since I had a hard time with that in the past when compiling clojure-lsp, this way any lib using lsp4j will use the correct args/configs for graalvm OOTB 🙂 @borkdude Do you think we should that for clj-kondo as well?


Maybe we should mention this of compiling with native-image on the clj-graal-docs @lee? Eventually more and more libs will have support for graalvm and doing this way make things work OOTB


That’s interesting @ericdallo ! I forget, did we go over what happens when multiple libs each have their own configs?


the graalvm docs mention you should organize it with a directory hierarchy of groupId and artifactId, but I don't know what happens if 2 libs set the same flag with different values 😅


But that's easy to repro, as soon you start to compiling, graalvm will print the flags used