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Adrian Smith14:02:29

has anyone hit an error of "no instances of are allow in the image heap as this class should be initialized at image runtime" before when trying to compile a native image?

Adrian Smith14:02:36

I'm trying to compile this file: it seems adding the data-readers parameter to my edn/read-string call is causing this but not 100% positive


doesn't ring a bell

Adrian Smith15:02:17

Should I still be including clojure 1.9 in my deps to work around the spec stuff?

Adrian Smith15:02:52

the error is so weird I put a debugger into cursive and it's responsible pretty early on to allow deps stuff to load from class path, but graalvm has a error for that class that says it should be initialized at runtime


the error you mentioned doesn't seem like a spec-triggered error


that usually goes like "monitor exit blabla"

Adrian Smith15:02:06

yeah I saw that earlier adding clojure 1.9 to deps made it go away


most notably the part about CLJ-1472


it seems they found the performance regression on macos for v20:

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