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David Pham11:09:43

Anyone already created a library for wrapping polyglot in a idiomatic Clojure? There is a gist file from taylorwood but wanted to know if that was the only solution?


using it directly isn’t bad, and I haven’t used the polyglot stuff enough to know what a good “wrapper” library would look like. Sometimes you don’t need one :man-shrugging:


here’s the accompanying write up for that gist

David Pham20:09:47

Thanks a lot!

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David Pham20:09:15

Is there a way to get a Clojure representation of a ProxyObject?


do you mean create one?


you can use reify to create an ad-hoc object that implement an interface in Clojure

David Pham21:09:35

I can convert a map to a ProxyObject with the fromMap method, but then I can’t convert it back a a Clojure Map