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Has anyone been able to get ring-jetty to compile and run with graalvm?


what problems do you get with it?


I am getting reflection warning (e.g. "Warning: Reflection method java.lang.Class.getMethod invoked at Capsule.runMain( "), which then generates a fallback image which requires the JDK for execution negating the whole purpose of using graal in the first place. I should mention I am attempting to use latest graalvm 19.1.1 CE with deps.edn/cli and created an uberjar (seancorfield/depstar, pack/capsule & pack/onejar) then pass that jar to the native-image command. I also ran into same issue trying with http-kit. I'd just like to get a reasonably quick starting http server for use in a docker container.


@mikeb Have you set *warn-on-reflection* to true?