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anyone try native image on windows with clojure yet?


does GraalVM support Windows?


oh I see. I got to try that for clj-kondo (if only I had access to a Windows machine)

Adrian Smith21:05:14

(reposting from #beginners): in my project ( if I run

lein run "{\":select\" [\":b\"]}"
I get
["SELECT b"]
as I expected but if I do
lein native-image
and run
./beeline-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT "{\":select\" [\":b\"]}"
I get no output, though I know my program is running because if I change the input I get errors that make sense for my program, what's stopping it from printing?


I guess the difference is that native-image excpects a class, which you need to specify with (:gen-class) and youd most likely want to use -main as an entry point to the class.


AFAICT they’ve done that