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I decided to make a v0.1.0 release of deps-new today and did all the editing via Gitpod rather via VS Code locally. I suspect I will get quite fond of being able to just spin up "VS Code" on the web to make small changes, especially since I can easily run project tests via a Socket REPL that way. Although I ran into concurrent thread limitations trying to run next.jdbc's test suite in the Clover REPL... I haven't tried just running the tests directly via the terminal in Gitpod (but I do sometimes run into issues trying to run that test switch on my laptop).


Yeah, runs fine from the terminal. Fails (in the heavily concurrent folding test) when run via the REPL. Interesting.


I also, to my surprise, notice that I prefer to use the web version for some tasks. And I now realize that we can probably use it for hacking on Calva. Not sure how nice that workflow will be, I remember it being a bit strange when I tried it with Theia.


Have you found a way to get undo to work via keyboard shortcut? I am rebinding it to ctrl+z, but I am a mac user. What would windows users do?


cmd-z works on a Mac "as normal". I haven't tried Gitpod in a Windows browser yet.


It does? Not for me…


I have tried with Safari and Chrome. What are you using?


Edge (Chromium).


(I'm on the dev channel builds of Edge, in case that makes a difference)


I’ll have to try that. Crazy if an MS browser is the best choice.


I just tried Gitpod on Windows using Edge (dev) and ctrl-z works for undo there by default "as normal".


Maybe they just do the sensible thing and don’t consume the shortcut before the app has had a chance to do it.


Doesn’t work in Edge for me either.


Maybe a keyboard issue? You're on a Swedish k/b, yes?


Yes. Swedish. It works in Firefox though. But there cmd+shift+p opens private browsing instead of the command palette. Haha