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Vincent Cantin04:02:23

Here is the list of features and fixes to be ready for the next release:


I’m loving this!


So question for you, can you put in something like dark:bg-black for dark themes?

West23:02:32 So it spits errors out when editing with emacs as files currently being changed have .# before the filename. Otherwise, I got it working!

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Vincent Cantin23:02:17

Thank you for the bug report. I am going to fix it soon.

Vincent Cantin23:02:23

@c.westrom Could you please bring back the stack trace? I am not an emacs user and can’t easily reproduce the problem.


Sure, gimme a few minutes.

Vincent Cantin23:02:53

In you project, I suggest you to link to the github repo in your deps.edn instead of the clojar version, as there have been many improvements done in the last days. Specially in the processor.

Vincent Cantin23:02:17

@c.westrom Does this happen using the last version of the processor tool (on Github) or using v0.0.1 ?


I’ll let you know once I add it to my deps.


girouette/girouette {:git/url "" :sha "c0797cc67c8d01e4a6f2bdcf3306899e601a5709"}
Is this how it’s supposed to be added?

Vincent Cantin23:02:09

not sure … I realize now that there is a path needed, because the library is not in the root of the repository.


Yep, I’m not sure what to do about that. Maybe I do it in a jank way?

Vincent Cantin00:03:30

Another solution: clone the repository locally on your computer, then refer to the processor tool via :local/root


src/app/.#core.cljs: :boom: parse error!
[:app] Compiling ...
src/app/core.cljs: [:scream: dark:] [- dark:bg-gray-700] [+ bg-gray-700]
src/app/.#core.cljs: :boom: parse error!
Ok cool, I got the latest version, now this though.

Vincent Cantin00:03:41

I will do something about those .# files at some point.


just updated my repo

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Vincent Cantin00:03:03

[clojure.core :refer [spit]] is not required in the ns form.

Vincent Cantin00:03:17

clojure.core is required by default.


Huh, I guess it works. For some reason I thought i got an error related to that, so I changed it.